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Alexey Stakhov

Numeral Systems with Irrational Bases for Mission-Critical Applications (New Book!)

Abstract: This volume is the result of the author’s many-years of research in this field. These results were presented in the author’s two books, Introduction to the Algorithmic Measurement Theory(Moscow, Soviet Radio, 1977), and Codes of the Golden Proportion (Moscow, Radio and Communications, 1984), which had not been translated into English and are therefore not known to English-speaking audience. This volume sets forth new informational and arithmetical fundamentals of computer and measurement systems based on Fibonacci p-codes and codes of the golden p-proportions, and also on Bergman’s system and “golden” ternary mirror-symmetrical arithmetic. The book presents some new historical hypotheses concerning the origin of the Egyptian calendar and the Babylonian numeral system with base 60 (dodecahedral hypothesis), as well as about the origin of the Mayan’s calendar and their numeral system with base 20 (icosahedral hypothesis). The book is intended for the college and university level. The book will also be of interest to all researchers, who use the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers in their subject areas, and to all readers who are interested to the history of mathematics. Readership: Researchers in mathematics and computer science.

Alexey Petrovich Stakhov – Ukrainian mathematician, inventor and engineer, who has made contributions to the theory of Fibonacci numbers and the “Golden Section” and their applications in computer science and measurement theory and technology. Doctor of Computer Science (1972), Professor (1974). Author of over 500 publications, 14 books and 65 international patents.
In 1956 graduated with honours from Rivne village high school. Same year became a student of the Mining Faculty of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (now the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”). In 1959, transferred to the Radio Engineering Faculty of Kharkiv Aviation Institute (now the National Aerospace University of Ukraine). After graduation, worked for two years as an engineer in the Kharkiv Electrical Instrument Design Bureau (now the space technology company “Khartron”). “Khartron” was one of the top secret space companies of the Soviet Union. It was engaged in the research, development and manufacture of automatic control systems for missiles and space craft on board systems. Through working there Stakhov obtained thorough practical engineering experience and published his first scientific papers. Later he worked at the universities of Russia and Ukraine (Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics, Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute, Technical University of Vinnitsa, Vinnitsa Agricultural University, Vinnitsa Pedagogic University). He was a visiting professor at many universities abroad (Austria, Germany, Libya, Mozambique). Since 2004 lives and works in Canada.