9th International IEEE Conference
Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies
UKRAINE, KYIV, MAY 24-27, 2018

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Inna Skarha-Bandurova

Problem of Synchronization and IoT-based Health Systems

The study on synchronization of complex systems is of great interest in the scientific community. In recent decades, it has gone through several stages, including various well-known and new synchronization phenomena and their analysis, synchronous behaviors in nature, human society and the networks of low-power devices. Typical examples include understanding how the topology of the Internet affects the spread of the computer viruses, how the structure of a power grid affects the cascading failures over time, how the connecting patterns of an intercommunication network jeopardize its data traffic and dynamics, and so on.
The rapid growth in low-power devices called the new challenges calling for a serious and systematic investigation. These devices interact to form large networks such as the M2M networks, IoT, Wearable devices, and Wireless Sensor Networks and the collaboration among them is a key to achieving the full potential of these networks. One of the tasks there is synchronization of time. Time synchronization is a vital feature in many wireless sensor networks with applications ranging from structural health monitoring systems to wearable and embedded body sensors used for rehabilitation and sports medicine. A significant problem in this field is to guarantee dependable interaction between elements while keeping the whole network energy efficient.
The talk offers an overview of the state-of-the-art advances and developments of the subject of synchronization on various complex networks, with emphasis on health applications. We also discuss some aspects of designing a multi-platform synchronization framework for speeding up the Personal Health Systems on mobile devices.
The principal idea of our approach consists of usage of a synchronization framework that can easily be accessed from different devices running different operating systems, store data on different formats and provide some programming facilities to allow us customizing and extending its basic functionalities.
Keywords:  Synchronization, IoT, Wireless Sensor Networks, Healthcare, Multi-Platform Synchronization Framework.

Prof. Inna Skarga-Bandurova is a Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, East Ukrainian National University, Ukraine. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Information technology from Donetsk National University (2006) and the D.Sc. in Information Technology from the Kherson Technical University, Ukraine (2015).
Her main research interests are on Artificial Intelligence; Decision Theory; Formal Methods for Data Analysis; Methods for Dealing with Uncertainty and Fuzziness in different areas of application such as Critical Infrastructures Safety; Healthcare; City services; Environmental studies, Complex systems, etc.
From 2006 she has co-directed East Ukrainian’s Interdisciplinary R&D groups on Health Informatics (HIRG); Information Technologies, Industrial Safety, and Ecology (ITISE).
She is in the editorial board of different scientific events and is a member of the program committee of international conferences such as ICCSA (International Conferences on Computational Science and Applications), EPIA (International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine), FiCloud (International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud Workshops), EIDWT (International Conference on Emerging Internet, Data & Web Technologies), etc.