11th International IEEE Conference
Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies
Ukraine, Kyiv, May 14-18, 2020

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Aleksander Potii

Critical Infrastructure Security Categorization and Assessment: The Standards and Techniques


Protecting the critical information infrastructure of the state is an important task for Ukraine and many countries. In Ukraine, new regulations are being developed that determine the criteria for assessing critical infrastructure objects and the basic requirements for cyber security for critical information infrastructure objects. The report examined the procedure for determining critical infrastructure objects in Ukraine and the criteria for assessing the criticality of a critical information infrastructure object. The methodological approach of critical infrastructure objects categorization is described. The results of these studies form the basis of new normative acts of Ukraine.

Dr. Aleksander V. Potii works in the field of the information and cybersecurity and is the author of more than 90 publications (including 4 books). He also participated in more than 100 talks and lectures in international conferences and seminars.

His research interests focus on cybercecurity, information security management and cryptography, where he has more than 20 years of experience, as well as evaluation of information security assurance and maturity level of information security process.

Mr Potii has held Doctor of Technical Science on system of information security since 2008. He has also attended a number of seminars, conferences and meetings regarding information security. It was also awarded four patents.

He is the professor a department at V. Karazin Kharkiv National University and professor at Kharkiv Aerospace University. He is a lecturer of such courses: “International standardization in the field of information security”, “Management of information security”, “Theory of the systems and analysis of the systems”, “Theory of information security”, “Applied cryptography”. Mr Potii took part in the development of national cryptographic standards and harmonization of international standards in Ukraine. Mr Potii took part in the development many information security system include information security police and system Management of information security for The National Joint Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine, Ministry of defense, Ukrainian PKI system.
Mr Potii is a member of the Scientific and Technical Council for the development of PKI’s Ministry of Justice and a member of the public council of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection.

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