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Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies
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Vladimir Hahanov

Cyber social green computing for the moral governance of society


The structures of cyber-social green computing are proposed, which are considered as components of cloud-driven technologies for exact monitoring and moral governance of the society. The main development trends of the cyber-physical structure presented in Gartner’s Hype Cycle are described to apply them in science, health, education, transport, industry and state structures. Prospective directions of the market-feasible technologies, related to green cyber-social monitoring and management of society, are proposed. An expanded description of technologies focused on the creation of the smart digital world, green cities and 5G telecommunications is performed. Recommendations are given for leveraging the top 10 technologies of 2017 in business, healthcare, scientific and educational processes of higher education. Technologies of emotional-logical computing, a metric for measuring social relations along horizontal and vertical connections, rules of human behavior, focused on creating the emotional logic for modelling and simulation human behavior are proposed. A cyber-physical model of green statehood for the metric management of resources and citizens is introduced; it is based on digital monitoring and assessment of the needs of people, including components of social computing (relations, goals, management, personnel, infrastructure, resources), ordered by the degree of their influence on the market success. The motivation of the research is defined by high market feasibility of digital monitoring cyber-social management of the society, aimed at improving people’s life quality and preserving the planet’s ecology. Humanity has learned to manage the physical processes and objects, but there are practically not moral technologies for metric management of human and social groups. Lack of competent decisions of cyber-social computing is the cause of social corruption, pollution of the environment, conflicts and local wars. The aim of the work is to develop logical components of cyber social computing based on moral social relationship and human behavior models for accurate cloud management of social processes, by leveraging big data, metric online monitoring of the social groups opinion in order to improve the quality of human life and preserve the green ecology of the planet.

Vladimir Hahanov, Doctor of Science, Professor of Computer Engineering Faculty, Design Automation Department, Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine. Previous positions: Science Vice-Rector, Dean of Computer Engineering Faculty. Author 600 publications and 21 books. Supervisor for 4 Doctor of Science and 28 PhD’s. General Chair of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium for 16 Years. IEEE Senior Member. IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Member. IEEE member since 2001. SAE Member. R&D fields: Design and test of computers. Quantum memory-driven computing. Cyber Physical, Cyber Social and Cloud Computing. Awards and Prizes: The Best Scientist Diplomas of the Kharkov Region, 2000 and 2001; “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” sign, 2005; IEEE Recognition Award, 2005; IEEE Gerald W. Gordon Award, 2005; IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Member, 2006; Medal “Kharkov Citizen-2005”; IEEE Computer Society award for the worldwide recognition, 2006 and 2007; Awarded hours from the President of Ukraine, 2006; the best dean of the Kharkov-city, 2008; “IEEE Computer Society Outstanding Contribution Award”; Medal of Ukraine “For scientific achievements”, 2009; gold medal of the Radioelectronics Academy of Sciences, 2010; Gold medal IT-Kharkov 2014 for the project “Intelligent Cloud Traffic Control”. Social Activities: Scientific consultant of corporations Aldec, USA, Echostar, USA, Kaspersky Lab. Member of the International Committee for Recognition Awards of Global IT. Head of 17 international and national scientific projects. Chief editor of the journal “Radioelectronics and Informatics”. Chairman of the specialized board “Computer systems and components” for the doctoral dissertations defense. Member of 15 editorial boards of foreign journals and conference program committees. Hobbies: football, mountain skiing, basketball, traveling, science and music.

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